Non-slip Surfaces

New additives with anti-slip functionality

The ceramic sector uses conventional materials such as corundum, alumina or micrograin, among others, to create anti-slip surfaces that comply with current standards and follow anti-slip regulations.

However, these materials have a series of disadvantages that end up compromising the quality of the ceramic surface, both at a physical-chemical level and at a visual level, where in most cases many adjustments have to be made to the final design to obtain the wanted result.

The ususal techniques either focus on the elaboration of surface roughness or on the wear of the surface to make it more porous, so they do not allow having any control of the intensity of the anti-slip property and they are of limited duration.

This product developed by Aditivos Cerámicos consists of a ceramic powder of inorganic nature. It is capable of sintering at high temperatures and forming a microtopography with closed porosity, conferring to the pieces on which it is applied, anti-slip effects unlimited duration, easy cleaning and greater realism.

The range of products ANTISLIP developed by Aditivos Cerámicos S.L. consists of different water-based formulations with which to obtain non-slip surfaces on ceramic flooring. Achieving a soft and pleasant touch without compromising the final design of the tile, in addition to another series of advantages that make the solution one of the most competitive on the market.

It is worth mentioning that these innovative products do not exist in the current market, since the technology used is totally new. And has been developed in such a way that it can be applied directly by spraying or being integrated into inkjet inks in the case of tiles.

Therefore, the main characteristics that ANTISLIP confers to the final pieces are:

  • Adjustment of the anti-slip properties of the final tile (from R-9 to R-13).
  • Final surface with a soft texture and pleasant to the touch.
  • Full transparency. The application of this product does not affect colors or tones. In matte finishes, it generates a natural finish avoiding reflections and shine that create an unsightly effect that distorts the piece.
  • It can be applied to already existing designs with the purpose of improving their sliding classification.
  • Very resistant to wear. Indicated for pavements with a lot of traffic.
  • Very easy to clean and very good resistance to stains.
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