Implementation of equipment for the manufacturing of Nanosilver®

ADITIVOS CERÁMICOS, S.L. ‘s main activity is the manufacture of additives for the ceramic sector, such as tiles, tableware or sanitaryware. Following the development policy of the company, and its strong commitment to R+D+i, an investment has been carried out under the EQUIPMENT IMPLEMENTATION PROJECT FOR THE MANUFACTURING OF NANOSILVER®, beneficiary of the aid within the fifthRead more ⟶


With the World Cotton Day, we found it interesting and important to highlight the obtaining process of one of the most widely used products in both the ceramics and the chemical industry in general: carboxymethylcellulose. Chemical structure of carboxymethylcellulose. Source: Wikimedia Commons. Carbohydrates (CH2O)n are naturally occurring organic compounds and are nature’s most abundant chemicals.Read more ⟶

I Equality Plan

“Equality towards women is progress for all. It is progress for all”. Ban Ki-moon, former UN Secretary. In ADITIVOS CERÁMICOS, S.L. We have always been committed to the effective equality between men and women. For this reason, last September, we created the equality commission with the aim of carrying out a real analysis of ourRead more ⟶

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