I Equality Plan

“Equality towards women is progress for all. It is progress for all”. Ban Ki-moon, former UN Secretary.

In ADITIVOS CERÁMICOS, S.L. We have always been committed to the effective equality between men and women. For this reason, last September, we created the equality commission with the aim of carrying out a real analysis of our current situation in terms of equality, in order to establish improvements and specific objectives to work on in the coming years.

The commitment of all the workers of ADITIVOS CERÁMICOS, S.L. For equal treatment and opportunities between women and men, we have transferred it executively with the allocation of resources, both material and human, for the drafting and preparation of our “I Equality Plan” that we present, as well as for its implementation. march and implementation during the next 4 years (2022-2025).

The preparation of our I Equality Plan stems from the will of the workers of ADITIVOS CERÁMICOS, S.L. to support and direct our management under the principle of equality between men and women. Said fundamental and universal legal principle is established in all those representative international texts that regulate and guarantee human rights.

For its implementation, compliance and development, we anticipate an annual review, so that, progressively, the improvements to be carried out can be reflected and progress in gender equality within the company’s workplace can be verified.

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