Fluidising agent for bodies and ceramic glazes.

ADISPER V1794 is a deflocculant for glazes and pastes. As substitute of standard sodium polyacrilate is much
more effective, reducing total amount of deflocculant in the paste formulation.
It allows the preparation of pastes with a high concentration of solids, and especially in some complex
formulations, the partial substitution of sodium polyacrilate by ADISPER V1794 can be useful to reach high
density at low values of viscosity.
ADISPER V1794 presents a small slope in the area of inflection of the deflocculating curve, so the risk of a
hypothetical overdosage is minimized
CHEMICAL NATURE: Mixture of acrylic and silicate polyelectrolytes
ASPECT: Pale yellow
DENSITY at 20ºC: 1’200 1’300 g/cm3
SOLUBILITY: Soluble in water
VISCOSITY BROOKFIELD: < 100 cps (1016 seconds in CF4)
pH 12.5 ± 1
It can be used as deflocculant for red and white body in paste formulation. It is recommended as a partial
substitute of acrylates to achieve higher density at lower values of viscosity.
The normal range of addition is between 0,05 and 0,6% of the dry matter depending on the rest of components
of the paste.
Drums of 120 Kg and IBC tanks of 1000 Kg. It can be stored under usual conditions for more than a year if kept
in original packaging.


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